Arma 3 Contact brings aliens to Earth – Sandbox trailer details factions, weapons and more


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Arma III Contact
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Arma 3’s sci-fi ‘Contact’ expansion is arriving next month, bringing an all-new alien menace as well as the 163 square kilometre expanse of Livonia to explore. Details have been a bit sketchy about what it all entails but Bohemia Interactive has now dropped an extensive new sandbox trailer that delves into many of the goodies that are in-store.

The radically altered theme means there’s going to be plenty of new toys to mess around with in Arma 3: Contact, including new weapons, technology, vehicles, and the LDF and Spetsnaz forces. The vehicles include the ED-1 Mini UGV, an unnamed robot capable of exploring dangerous and complex terrain. The highlight of the new gear is probably the CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) defense equipment, including an oversuit and air purifying face masks.

Outside of the ever-popular sandbox elements, Arma 3: Contact DLC will have a full-blown single-player ‘First Contact’ campaign. Aliens have arrived on Earth and you, as a NATO drone operator, are tasked with making first contact when the alien vessel enters the Earth’s atmosphere. This ain’t no Halo though, with the priority being to learn what they are, and why they’re here, rather than blowing their grey good to smithereens.

We’ve just over a month to see for ourselves what it’s all about – Arma 3 Contact is out on July 25th for PC and will require the base game to play.