Remedy Entertainment now owns the publishing rights to Alan Wake franchise


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Alan Wake
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Remedy Entertainment has acquired the full publishing rights to the Alan Wake series from Microsoft. Announced during Remedy’s fiscal reports, ownership of Alane Wake publishing rights have reverted to the developer.

As a result, Remedy now owns both the IP and the publishing rights to Alan Wake, meaning it’s now free to develop new games in the Alan Wake franchise if it wishes.

In addition to this, Remedy owning the publishing rights for Alan Wake should mean the original Alan Wake and its American Nightmare DLC can return to digital storefronts. If they wish, Remedy can even bring Alan Wake to other platforms, such as the PlayStation 4. Time for Alan Wake remaster, perhaps?

Don’t go getting hyped for Alan Wake 2 any time soon though. Remedy is busy putting the final touches to Control, out August 27th, and has hopes to turn the paranormal shooter into a franchise. They’re also cracking on with a single-player campaign for Crossfire X, that multiplayer shooter that’s both obscenely popular and no one’s ever played it.