Valve now manually approves Steam Workshop items in CSGO, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2


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Valve has been busy switching up how Steam Workshop items are handled. User-created Steam Workshop items for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 now need manual approval from Valve before they can be shared in the workshop and, potentially, sold within the games themselves.

For now, at least, it would appear this change only applies to Valve’s in-house titles. Once an item is uploaded to the CSGO, Dota 2, or TF2 Workshops it is submitted to Valve’s moderation team for approval. Valve has said the whole process should take no more than a day, with most items being processed within the hour.

As for why this has been implemented, well it’s the usual clowns making life that little bit more difficult for everyone else. Valve has said this is specifically aimed at combating scammers who promise free skins for anyone who subscribes to their workshop items. It’s a method of gaming the system basically, so Valve will be looking to weed these scammers out and prevent them from posting any items. There are also some workarounds which can be used to steal accounts and this will help to tackle that issue.

So, if you’re planning to submit any Steam Workshop items for Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, or CSGO, you will now need to verify your submission via email. The Valve moderation staff will then need to approve your item and only then will be visible in the appropriate Steam Workshop.

Currently, this system is only in place for Valve’s own titles. That’s the official line, although we’d imagine it will eventually roll out to third-party titles as well a little further down the line.